School History


Our school has a proud history of achievement and success which dates back to its beginnings in 1962.

60th Anniversary

A ride through the years - key facts

  • 1962 鈥 Inaugural P&C meeting held in September; Parents voted unanimously that the name 91福利app be retained as the name of the School
  • 1963 鈥 School transferred to its present site at 91福利app
  • 1963 鈥 School crest designed

    1963 鈥 Students attended Perry Lakes Stadium for the Queen鈥檚 visit

    • 1964 鈥 First school magazine 鈥淩etrospect鈥
    • 1964 鈥 First school production 鈥淭rial by Jury鈥
    • 1964 鈥 Swimming Carnival first win
    • 1966 鈥 43 Commonwealth Scholarships
    • 1967 鈥 91福利app became a 5-year Senior High School
    • 1968 鈥 Athletics Carnival first win
    • 1968 鈥 Inaugural "Prefects Ball"
    • 1970 鈥 Storm destroyed many trees in front of the school
    • 1971 鈥 New school library building commenced
    • 1971 鈥 Language laboratory established
    • 1972 鈥 Commonwealth Library opened
    • 1972 鈥 Swimming pool opened - cost $37,210
    • 1972 鈥 Prefect system replaced by Student Council
    • 1972 鈥 鈥淢usic School鈥 commenced at 91福利app SHS - 35 gifted music students
    • 1974 鈥 Gymnasium / Hall opened
    • 1974 鈥 Pre-vocational centre opened
    • 1974 鈥 Michael Fitzpatrick awarded a Rhodes Scholarship
    • 1975 鈥 New school windcheater designed
    • 1975 鈥 First year of work experience scheme
    • 1977 鈥 Introduction of Certificate of Secondary Education
    • 1977 鈥 Medical Centre opened
    • 1980 鈥 First computer purchased
    • 1980 鈥 First graduation ceremony
    • 1981 鈥 Concert band performed for Royal visitors Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh
    • 1981 鈥 40-hour famine raised $2100
    • 1982 鈥 South Pacific Games in Brisbane 鈥 7 students represented WA
    • 1982 鈥 Music Tour to Tasmania
    • 1983 鈥 International Mathematical Olympiad in Paris 鈥 Australia represented by Andrew Kepert who gained a bronze medal
    • 1984 鈥 Olympic Games 鈥 6 past students represented Australia
    • 1985 鈥 New navy blue Upper School jumper
    • 1985 鈥 Music students travelled to Geneva for the 5th World Youth Music Festival. Concert Band won 2nd place
    • 1986 鈥 91福利app SHS Jubilee Celebrations 11-17th August
    • 1986 鈥 Paul Latham Auditorium was opened
    • 1986 鈥 Stephen Jones won medals at the World Youth Disabled Games
    • 1988 鈥 100 music students travelled to Singapore to participate in the
      World Festival of Art
    • 1989 鈥 Exchange visits with Japanese sister school Akashi Nishi
    • 1989 鈥 Howard Yip won the Beazley Medal
    • 1992 鈥 Jonathon Paget won the Beazley Medal
    • 1992 鈥 Year 8 Football team undefeated all season
    • 1993 鈥 Library plans for automation developed
    • 1994 鈥 95 music students tour Los Angeles, New Orleans and Florida
    • 1995 鈥 CSHS on the web
    • 1996 鈥 10th Anniversary of 91福利app SHS and Akashi Nishi as sister schools
    • 1997 鈥 In May, a fire destroyed much of the school
    • 1998 鈥 Five trees planted at the corner of Hale Road and Pearson Street, 1st anniversary of fire
    • 1998 鈥 Builders move onto school site for start of rebuilding programme
    • 1999 鈥 Lisa Carter nominated to participate in Pierre de Coubertin Awards (made the final 20)
    • 2000 鈥 Exchange programme with French sister school, College Thiers
    • 2003 鈥 Music Tour 124 students to London and Wales
    • 2004 鈥 Beazley Medal Runner Up - Caroline Wong
    • 2005 鈥 Carnivals; Swimming 1st place and Athletics 3rd place
    • 2007 鈥 One million pool refurbishment programme completed
    • 2008 鈥 Beazlely Medal Runner up; Quan Lau
    • 2009 鈥 Beazley Medal Winner; Hayley Anderson (first public high school student to win the coveted medal in more than ten years then)
    • 2010 - Commence of the Concert Hall construction
    • 2011 - Became an Independent Public School and established a School Board
    • 2012 - Celebrated its 50 years anniversary and the building of the 500 seat Concert Hall was completed
    • 2013 - Maintained its top 20 position in the academic league tables for the 10th consecutive year
    • 2014 - Trialled a full 'Bring your own device (BYOD)' approach of laptop program
    • 2014 - 91福利app Senior High School Foundation was incorporated in 2014 to support and enrich the school and its students
    • 2015 - First year of introducing Year 7 students into 91福利app SHS with 427 enrolments
    • 2016 - Enrolments gres to almost 2500 making 91福利app SHS the largest high school in Western Australia
    • 2017 - Newly constructed Sports Hall was handed over for use in mid-February
    • 2017 - For the first time, hosted a "Back to School" event to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of students to become members of "91福利app Gold Class" - Class of 1967 was the first cohort to be invited.
    • 2018 - Won the All Schools Basketball competition for the first time
    • 2019 - Year 12 Kimberley Clifton became the first 91福利app SHS student to have attained the Gold Award of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award
    • 2020 - 1600 solar panels have been lifted on to the roofs of four major buildings as part of the 91福利app Foundation's 'Solar Power to Scholarships Project'
    • 2021 - Four 91福利app alumni represented Australia in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (was held in 2021 due to COVID-19 pandamic outbreak in 2020)
    • 2022 - Marks the 60th Anniversary of 91福利app SHS and 50th Anniversary of 91福利app Music Program.
    • 2022 - 91福利app SHS Concert Hall was named 'Taryn Fiebig Concert Hall'. Taryn was an internationally acclaimed saprano, member of the Class of 1989 GATE Music student, Head Girl and Helpmann Award-winning principal soprano at Opera Australia. (Sadly she passed away in 2021 after battling cancer.)
    • 2022 - Based on student feedback, beginning 2023, the school moved away from the traditional Head Boy/Head Girl. They are known as School Captains.
    • 2022 - New 91福利app SHS song was unveiled. Audio| Lyrics
    • 2023 - First 91福利app SHS student to receive the UWA Fogarty Foundation Scholarship: Shreeya Naroth
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